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Change request documentation for: 2007-064

Change request: 2007-064.pdf
Requested change:
1.  Affected language identifier: kha
  Change type: Update
  Change attribute: The proposed change is a change in Code Scope, e.g., from Individual to Macrolanguage
  Retirement remedy: Change Scope to Macrolanguage
  Old value: Individual language
  New value: Macrolanguage; group includes Lyngngam [lyg] and Khasi [xix] (individual language)
  Outcome: Rejected
2.  Affected language identifier: lyg
  Change type: Create
  New code request: 2007-064_lyg.pdf
  New name: Lyngngam
  Outcome: Adopted
3.  Affected language identifier: xix
  Change type: Create
  New code request: 2007-064_xix.pdf
  New name: Khasi
  Outcome: Rejected
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