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With this release of XSEM we are offering several different resources that will help developers understand how to implement XSEM. These include the XSEM model, documentation and a demonstration package.

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XSEM Documentation
XSEM Demo Material

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The source of XSEM is actually an XML Schema that is compliant with the latest W3C recommendation for the XML Schema standard. At this time there are very few applications that deal with this schema notation. However, through the magic of XSLT we have rendered a DTD notation from the XSEM source code and we are making that available for this first release of XSEM Level 1.

Go to Top XSEM Documentation

Another feature of the XSEM schema is that it also contains all its own documentation. Again, through the magic of XSLT, this documentation is extracted from the XML Schema source code.

A good way to understand the structure of XSEM is to see it graphically. Altova produces an XML development tool called XML Spy. One feature this product has is the ability to graphically represent a schema and document it. Using XML Spy we have generated a graphical view of XSEM that will help you better understand how all the elements and groups fit together.

Go to Top XSEM Demo Material

On this site we have shown how XML data, in this case text marked up with XSEM, can be easily re-purposed. All the style sheets and the instructions on how to apply them are included in this package. However, the programs that were used to generate the demonstration output material is not included. You will need to go to the venders for these specific programs. All of them are free but you need to get them from the venders. All the URLs are provided in the readme.txt file included in this package.

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Created: 25-Aug-2001
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