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Upgrading to Toolbox from Shoebox

Information for those upgrading from Shoebox

Upgrading to a Newer Version of Toolbox

All versions of Toolbox are designed to be fully upward compatible, so if you are already running Toolbox, it should always be safe to install a newer version of Toolbox.

Upgrading from Shoebox

Upgrading from Shoebox 5 to Toolbox is extremely easy because Toolbox is really an enhanced version of Shoebox with a new name. It is fully upward compatible with Shoebox. You can install Toolbox and use it just as you used Shoebox, with virtually no difference. Because Field Linguist's Toolbox is an enhanced version of Shoebox, it is sometimes referred to as Shoebox/Toolbox.

When you install Toolbox, it changes the default association of Shoebox project files (.prj) to run Toolbox instead. But if you still want to run Shoebox on a particular project, you can do it by running Shoebox and opening the project.

Differences between Shoebox 5 and Toolbox

Toolbox has a number of enhancements over Shoebox. Most of these will not affect you if you use Toolbox on a Shoebox project. But a few of them may cause slightly different behaviour, hopefully better in most cases.

Possible adjustments to make Toolbox act like Shoebox