TeXgX 1.1b3 for Macintosh is now available!

TeXgX is an adaptation of the TeX typesetting system developed by Professor Donald E. Knuth of Stanford University. TeXgX was written by Jonathan Kew to provide a version of TeX that supports Apple's QuickDraw GX technology and GX "smart" fonts.

TeXgX version 1.1 adds additional support for standard TeX fonts and formats. TrueType versions of the Computer Modern and AMS fonts are also available (as separate packages). See release notes for changes since 1.1b2.

System Requirements


TeXgX is shareware - $40 U.S.

If you already have a previous version of TeXgX, please read the Release Notes before downloading a new version.

(1) To download TeXgX 1.1b3 and the TrueType fonts now, click on these links:

(2) To obtain them using a command-line FTP client:

    FTP to ftp.sil.org and log in as anonymous.

    Do these commands:
        cd  [.software.mac]
        get texgx11b3_sea.hqx
        cd  [-.-.fonts.mac]
        get PlainTeXfonts_TrueType_sea.hqx        
        get MoreCMfonts_TrueType_sea.hqx
        get AMSfonts_TrueType_sea.hqx

(3) TeXgX and the fonts are also available on diskette - contact:

    User Support
    SIL International Publishing Services
    7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, TX 75236, U.S.A.
    Phone: (972) 708-7495; fax: (972) 708-7388; e-mail: nrsi@sil.org

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