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WordSurv is being developed through a partnership between the Computer and Systems Science Department at Taylor University and SIL International.

Notice: Wordsurv version 7 is due for release in 2011. See the WordSurv site hosted by Taylor University for more info.

A typical language survey may involve determining linguistic relationships through the comparison of word lists. WordSurv is designed to aid in this task. It functions in three main areas:

  1. entry and maintenance of word lists and cognate decisions,
  2. computation of lexicostatistic and phonostatistic measures of similarity, and
  3. output of data and results in various formats.

WordSurv also supports the COMPASS algorithm to aid in comparative reconstruction.

PalmSurv may be used for word list transcription into a PalmOS handheld computer.

WordSurv 6.0

New Features


Download and Install

  1. Download one of the following:
    • Full Install includes WordSurv and everything needed for a computer to meet the requirements (108 MB, MD5 hash: 15089efb9f022223210d31ce7f22d7aa)
      • Save to a temporary location
      • Run Full Install.exe to unzip
    • WordSurv only for a computer that already meets the requirements (5.1 MB, MD5 hash: f115902e986972f900f9afb9c5d75f31)
      • Save to a temporary location
      • Run WordSurv Only.exe to unzip
  2. Double-click Setup.exe.
  3. Follow the screen instructions.