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Applications that assist the researcher in language data collection and analysis.


WordSurv was developed jointly by Taylor University and SIL International to help you do comparative analysis of word lists to help determine linguistic relationships.

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Enter phonetic transcriptions and aligned renderings using Tavultesoft Keyman and the SIL IPA font.

Previous versions were MS-DOS applications but this version is designed for Windows. You can import WordSurv 2.5 files into current versions of WordSurv.

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PalmSurv was developed as a front-end for WordSurv, enabling word lists to be elicited directly onto a PalmOS handheld computer. The elicited data can then be automatically converted on your PC for analysis within WordSurv, making the re-entry of the word lists unecessary.

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Wordcorr assists comparative linguists by automating the tedious and risky task of tabulating and organizing all possible sound correspondences used as evidence for hypotheses about the historical development of the languages.

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