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You can analyze your data by sorting, filtering, and displaying browse fields.

A well-chosen combination of sorting, selecting, and displaying options is very useful for exploratory data analysis. For example, you could explore subsets of entries in a lexical database that relate to particular semantic domains.

  1. To open a new window, choose Duplicate from the Window menu.
  2. To select the sorting fields, choose Sorting from the Database menu.
  3. To select a filter, choose Filtering from the Database menu (or select the filter from the Active Filter list on the toolbar).
  4. To select the data fields to display, choose Browse Fields from the View menu.

Note: If you sort by a data field that can occur multiple times in a record, be sure to set up its hierarchical relationship to the browse fields (especially if any of them can occur multiple times). Choose Properties from the Database menu and modify the appropriate markers.

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