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Range sets consist of the valid values for data fields that represent categories.

Range sets are contained in database types as part of the marker properties. To modify a range set, right-click the appropriate data field marker (in the marker pane) and click the Range Set tab. When Shoebox finds an inconsistency, it selects the failed data item in the active window and displays the Range Set Consistency Check dialog box. It lets you add a new valid item to the range set and replace an invalid item with the correct one from the range set. Here are some examples of values that would be elements of range sets for various kinds of data fields:

Database Marker Range set elements
Anthropology notes \rscr Researcher bdg, bjm, jsw
\type Type of data interview, observation
Lexicon \lf Lexical function label Gen, Spec, Part, Whole
\pd Paradigm eb-, em-, -t
\pdl Paradigm label Sg, Pl, Comp, Super
\ps, \pn Part of speech n, v, vt
\sd Semantic domain color, cut, kin

For more information about these markers, read pages 3–6 in the Application Guide for Anthropology and Appendix A in Making Dictionaries.

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