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The Linguist's Shoebox Shoebox

Integrated data management and analysis for the field linguist


Shoebox lets you set up multiple sort orders for a language encoding.

Sorting the data in a window can help you locate particular records quickly and compare related records easily. Some researchers need to relate their data to other sources that are ordered differently (e.g., word lists) and analyze data fields according to different relationships. Shoebox lets you set up multiple sort orders for a language encoding. The default sort order determines the order of the records in the database file itself. You can select a different sort order for the primary sorting field in the active window (from the Database menu, choose Sorting). For example, the IPA93 language encoding for phonetic data includes three sort orders: To add a new sort order to a language encoding,
  1. From the Project menu, choose Language Encodings.
  2. In the Language Encodings list, select the language encoding and click Modify.
  3. In the Sort Orders list, select a sort order and click Copy.
  4. In the Name and Description boxes, enter information that will help you remember the purpose for this new sort order and distinguish it from the others.
  5. In the Primary characters box, rearrange the characters in the desired order.
  6. Click OK, OK, and Close.
Note: In Shoebox, all the sort orders in a language encoding share the same case associations.

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