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Use multiple data fields rather than a semicolon (;) to enter multiple glosses, etc.

Shoebox recognizes two ways of indicating a list of data items (e.g., glosses, semantic domains, anthropology codes).

While the first will work okay for interlinearizing, it might not produce the desired results when viewing your data sorted by that field. Although the second format will make your database records longer, it will make the browse view much neater and it will make it possible to jump to the data in this field (jumping is based on an index which is sorted from the beginning of the field). For fields with range sets, using the second format will also obviate the need to have multiple range set entries, one with a semicolon and one without.
Note: If you export lexical data using the Multi-Dictionary Formatter (MDF), it will punctuate multiple glosses correctly no matter which method you use.

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