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Integrated data management and analysis for the field linguist


Shoebox provides files that you can you can use for anthropology research.

The Shoebox Setup/Installer program copies the files to the Anthro subfolder that is in the Shoebox program folder.

  1. Exit Shoebox, if it is running.
  2. Copy Anthro.prj, AnthNote.typ, and AnthCat.typ to the user settings folder (default: My Shoebox Settings).
  3. Copy AnthNote.db and AnthCat.db to an appropriate data folder (e.g., C:\Ublek\Anthro).
  4. Double-click Anthro.prj in your user settings folder to start Shoebox. Note: because the database files have been moved, Shoebox will prompt you for their new locations. You must navigate to your data folder so that Shoebox will know to open the databases that you copied.
  5. Enter your cultural observations in the AnthNote.db anthropology notes database. After you have added a few of your own entries, you can delete the sample record.
  6. As you analyze data that you have collected, enter your conclusions and hypotheses in the appropriate topic records in the AnthCat.db anthropology analysis database.
For more information, read the Application Guide for Anthropology.

Note: Shoebox does not include the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM). The LinguaLinks® Library does include the OCM as an electronic book and as a Shoebox database. We encourage owners of the LinguaLinksĀ® Library to use this OCM database in their Shoebox Anthropology project. However, this OCM database may only be distributed to those who have a LinguaLinksĀ® Library license.

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