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Database types define the structure of databases.

In Shoebox, a database type defines the structure of a particular kind of database (e.g., anthropology notes, interlinear text, lexicon). It contains markers, filters, jump paths, etc. When you create a new database file or import existing data, you must select the appropriate database type. Shoebox provides several database type files that you can customize for your language and culture research (e.g., MDF.typ). Shoebox expects to find all the database type files for a project in the settings folder. From the Project menu, choose Database Types. From the Database menu, you can choose Properties to modify the active database type. The following table relates database types to analogous settings files in other computer programs.

Program Content file Settings file File extension
Microsoft Word document document template .dot
Shoebox database database type .typ
Web browser web page data type definition .dtd, .xsd
style sheet .css, .xsl

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