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The Linguist's Shoebox

Integrated data management and analysis for the field linguist


The data properties of fields affect the way that Shoebox interprets them.

Shoebox provides data properties that determine whether fields

Data properties are contained in database types as part of the marker properties. To modify them, right-click the appropriate data field marker (in the marker pane) and click the Data Properties tab. When Shoebox finds an inconsistency, it selects the failed data item in the active window and displays the Data Property Consistency Check dialog box. If the current field contains multiple words, the options for data items affect jumping and consistency checking of range sets and data links.

Option Destination of jumping Consistency checking
multiple one-word items the current word each word (as a separate item)
a single item entire field contents entire field contents (as a single element)

Index of tips: consistency checks; data links; data properties; fields, empty and missing; fields, multiple; jumping; range sets
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