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The Linguist's Shoebox

Integrated data management and analysis for the field linguist


Thoroughly categorize, index, and cross-reference your data to maximize its usefulness.

You will get better results from the time you spend on the computer, if you carefully file your data as you enter it. Of course, these activities are not mutually exclusive—they will blend together naturally as you use the computer to manage and analyze field data. Here are some field markers that you can use in three kinds of Shoebox databases:
Categorize Index Cross-reference
Anthropology \anth Anthropology category
\type Type of data
\date Date observed
\loc Location
\rscr Researcher
\srce Source
\cf Cross-reference
Lexicon \anth Anthropology category
\pd Paradigm (e.g., noun class)
\ps, \pn Part of speech
\sd Semantic domain
\th Thesaurus
\bw Borrowed word (loan)
\ge, \gn, \gr Gloss
\lf Lexical function label
\re, \rn, \rr "Reversal" (finderlist)
\cf Cross-reference
\lv Lexical function value
\mn Main entry cross-reference
\mr Morphology
\rf Reference (to text example)
Text \anth Anthropology category
\p Part of speech
\g Gloss \m "Morpheme breaks"

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