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Updates to Making Dictionaries

The field guide Making Dictionaries, by David F. Coward and Charles E. Grimes, is a companion to the Multi-Dictionary Formatter (MDF). A practical academic manual on lexicography, it includes principles for determining multiple senses, choosing good example sentences, and mapping a culture's networks of meaning. A computer software manual, it includes about 200 real-language examples illustrating how to organize multilingual data (especially for those who build a lexicon primarily by interlinearizing a corpus of natural texts).

The 1995 edition of the Making Dictionaries book is out of print. The 2000 edition is available only in Portable Document Format (PDF). It is included on the Shoebox CD-ROM. Only minor corrections to the 1995 text were made—no new material was introduced. Here are links to information that supersedes or extends selected parts of the book: