Standard Format Conversion Tool Kit

version 2.3 for Windows

The Standard Format Conversion Tool Kit includes:

The SF Converter is a utility for creating formatted document files from plain ASCII text files tagged with the SIL's Standard Format (SF) text marking convention. It accepts any SF file for input and converts the file to a Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) file. Individual SF fields can receive formatting, encoding changes, etc.

The Word Scripture Template is designed to assist linguists in entering Scripture translations with Microsoft Word version 6 and later. This Word template provides the styles and macros (special functions) needed to enter the Scripture text, tag each element descriptively, print rough drafts and quality printouts, and export the data as a standard format file. Customized menus and toolbars allow you to use these features easily. What you see formatted on the Word screen is what you get on the printed page.

This version 2.3 adds compatibility with Word 2000. Most other features have not changed from 2.2. See the Welcome file (version 2.2) for features, installation instructions, and further details.

To download the SF Conversion Tool Kit now, click on the following links:

Last modified: 7-Jun-2002
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