A Practical Guide

Chapter 6

for Doing
Field Linguistics

Evan Antworth
Summer Institute of Linguistics

J. Randolph Valentine
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Online Appendix:
Syntax and Grammar Description

Data Management

Speech Analysis and Phonetics

Phonology and Morphology

Syntax and Grammar Description


Text Analysis

Language Survey and Comparison

Syntax and Grammar Description

PC-PATR is intended for modeling syntactic analysis and parsing. Rook is used for developing a syntactic corpus and grammar description.


Unification-based syntactic parser.

  • Systems supported: MS-DOS, Windows, UNIX, Macintosh
  • Current version: 0.99 beta 5
  • Developer: Summer Institute of Linguistics
  • Distributor: Academic Computing Department, 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, TX, USA, tel. (972) 708-7414, fax (972) 708-7363.
  • Price: Free if downloaded from the URL below
  • URL:


System for authoring descriptive grammars in HyperCard for the Macintosh.

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This page is part of an online appendix for the book Using Computers in Linguistics: A Practical Guide, edited by John M. Lawler and Helen Aristar Dry (Routledge, 1998).

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