A Practical Guide

Chapter 6

for Doing
Field Linguistics

Evan Antworth
Summer Institute of Linguistics

J. Randolph Valentine
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Online Appendix:

Data Management

Speech Analysis and Phonetics

Phonology and Morphology

Syntax and Grammar Description


Text Analysis

Language Survey and Comparison


For field linguists developing a lexicon or bilingual dictionary of a language, data management programs such as Shoebox, askSam, HyperCard, and LinguaLinks are suitable (see section 4.1). MacLex and Multi-Dictionary Formatter are two programs specifically designed for lexical work.


Manages dictionary files in SIL's "Standard Format" (used also by Shoebox) with facilities for editing, search and replace, sorting and reversing entries.

Multi-Dictionary Formatter

Works together with Shoebox and a word processor such as Microsoft Word to structure, manipulate, format, and print dictionaries.

  • Systems supported: DOS
  • Current version: 1.0
  • Developer: Summer Institute of Linguistics
  • Distributor: ICTS, Attn: Customer Services, Box 248, Waxhaw, NC, 28173, USA, US & Canada orders only: (800) 421-8024, overseas orders: (704) 843-6085, fax (704) 843-6500, e-mail
  • Price: $28
  • Documentation: Coward, David F. and Charles E. Grimes. 1995. Making Dictionaries: A guide to lexicography and the Multi-Dictionary Formatter. Summer Institute of Linguistics.

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