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PhoneBox is a utility for phonological analysis using language data structured by Standard Format Markers. The standard program for manipulating this type of data is The Linguist's Toolbox.


24.11.2006: PhoneBox 2.0.3 released

PhoneBox 2.0.3 fixes the following errors:


With PhoneBox you can


PhoneBox is designed to support the analysis of language data that has been collected using the Toolbox program. It is based on the following philosophies:


Unfortunately, our resources are very limited, as well as our field experience. Therefore, we would welcome any kind of contribution:

If you are interested in helping these aims, we would warmly welcome your contacting us.

There is a mailing list for notifications about updates in the PhoneBox software. If you are interested in receiving these updates, please contact us.

Version History

PhoneBox 2.0.2 Fixes

PhoneBox 2.0.2 fixes some major problems:

Because of the severity of these problems, it is recommended to not use the old version of PhoneBox any longer.

PhoneBox 2.0.1 Fixes

PhoneBox 2.0.1 fixes the following problems

PhoneBox 2.0.0 Features

PhoneBox 2.0.0 has the following new features:

PhoneBox 1.1.3 Features

Some minor details have been fixed in the PhoneBox program, and Unicode support has been tested. The new version number of PhoneBox is 1.1.3, and there are new downloads of this version in the downloads section.

There is a new download of settings files which support phonetic data in Unicode notation. As expected, PhoneBox can use Unicode data the same way as ANSI data. However, there is one limitation: uncertainty status does not work with Unicode data, yet.

PhoneBox 1.1.2 Features

Following a test phase autumn 2003, some bugs in the Microsoft Word document templates have been eliminated. This release fixes the issue that the TextTable-template would stop to import interlinear text if the markers don't follow the Shoebox Quick Interlinear Setup naming conventions. Further, an extra minimum download of the PhoneBox program was included, that doesn't contain the Visual Basic Runtime and is only 143 KB.

For PhoneBox 1.1.2, the following downloads have changed:

PhoneBox 1.1.1 Features

PhoneBox 1.1.1 introduced some very useful new features, namely the capability to import PhoneBox output into Microsoft Word for display and printing. Additionally, the documentation has been very much improved through the inclusion of Geoffrey Hunt's PhoneBox Tutorial (still in draft state, but never the less very useful), plus a German tutorial for phonological analysis using Shoebox and PhoneBox, and a new Frequently Asked Questions section from the experiences some users made with PhoneBox during the last year.

As an extra feature, PhoneBox now supports import of Shoebox interlinear text into Microsoft Word. Actually, this feature has nothing to do with phonological analysis, but some users expressed a need for something like it, and it fit in best with the existing distribution of PhoneBox.

Last Update: Nov 24th, 2006