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Hermit Crab IconHermit Crab: Other Papers

The following are other papers available on-line which describe Hermit Crab, in excruciating technical detail:

Maxwell, Mike. 1991. Phonological Analysis and Opaque Rule Orders." Pages 110-116 in Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Parsing Technologies. Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University. [Postscript file]

Maxwell, Mike. 1994. "Parsing Using Linearly Ordered Phonological Rules." Pp. 59-70 in Computational Phonology: First Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology. Somerset, NJ: Association for Computational Linguistics. [Postscript file]

Maxwell, Mike. 1996. "Two Theories of Morphology, One Implementation." Proceedings of the 1996 General CARLA Conference. Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics.[link to HTML file]

Maxwell, Mike. 1999. “A new program for doing morphology: Hermit Crab.” Notes on Linguistics 2: 11-36. [Microsoft Word file]