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SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts

Describes the system requirements for using the SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts.

SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts
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These fonts and keyboards were designed for the following systems:

  • Windows 2000 or greater

Users who do not have a Hebrew Unicode keyboard installed should download and install the Keyman keyboarding utility. It is not included in the SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts package and must be downloaded separately.

Users should download and install Adobe Acrobat to read and print the documentation.

If you have text files from pre-Unicode systems such as SIL Ezra, the files will have to be converted to Unicode to use with these fonts. No conversion tables are included. We hope to have something available later in 2003.

Users will get better results displaying cantillated Hebrew text with a version of Microsoft's Uniscribe (usp10.dll) which will be available with Office 11 or later.

Development on the Macintosh AAT Unicode version of the Ezra SIL font has been discontinued. We have no plans at this time to finish the font.