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SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts

SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts
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Feature List

  • Ezra SIL provides support for Biblical Hebrew, in the traditional square style of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, 1983 edition.
  • Ezra SIL SR provides support for Biblical Hebrew, with a modified cantillation style.
  • Unicode 3.0 support of Hebrew and Latin-1 codepages.
  • Support for extra-biblical punctuation, such as parentheses, period, comma, quotes, etc.
  • Work in any application that uses OpenType® fonts.
  • No transliteration fonts are provided.

This package includes a keyboard definition file for use with the Tavultesoft Keyboard Manager (Keyman) for Windows. This file simplifies the typing of Hebrew text in Unicode. Users may produce their own keyboard file if desired. Any Unicode Hebrew keyboard should work with the Ezra SIL fonts.

Sample text in Ezra SIL font:

Sample text in Ezra SIL SR font: