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SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts Documentation

These files are the complete documentation provided with the SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts.

SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts
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Installation Guide

The Installation Guide for the SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts provides:

  • Brief distribution and licensing details
  • Installation instructions for fonts and keyboard
  • Special instructions for Windows 2000/XP

Keyboard Chart

The Ezra SIL Keyboard Chart for the SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts provides:

  • Keyboard layout chart for typing in Hebrew Unicode

This documentation requires Adobe Acrobat.

Documentation Files

The SIL Hebrew Unicode Fonts package includes the following documentation files:

  • Installation Guide.pdf
  • Ezra SIL Keyboard Chart.pdf
  • Conversion Guidelines.pdf
  • Unicode Ezra Chart15short.pdf
  • Unicode Ezra Chart15shortpdf.xls
  • Changing your Uniscribe version (usp10.dll).pdf
  • Filelist.txt

Release History

Windows OpenType® Unicode Version 1.0 released September 11, 2002.

Version 1.1 released. Minor documentation changes only. September 30, 2002