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Windows and Macintosh | Macintosh GX Features

Feature List

  • Support for Biblical Hebrew, in the traditional square style of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, 1983 edition.
  • Support for vowels and cantillation marks with width variants. The GX version of the Ezra font provides for full support of width variants. The non-GX version contains only four vowel width sets and fewer cantillation sets due to the 256-character limitation.
  • Full unambiguous representation of linguistic elements, such as the shewas and mater lectionis, allowing for linguistic analysis of texts.
  • Automatic contextual support for vowels, cantillation marks, and final forms when using SILKey or Keyman keyboard utility and included keyboard files. Use of the keyboard files also discourages incorrect character combinations being entered into a document.
  • Support for extra-biblical punctuation, such as parentheses, period, comma, quotes, etc.
  • Work in any application that uses TrueType fonts. Use of the GX/WorldScript font requires applications that are fully-compatible with either GX or WorldScript.
  • Transliteration fonts are available in four styles: regular, italic, bold, and bold-italic.
  • The transliteration font encoding matches the Hebrew font encoding.
  • Includes a Microsoft Word 6.0 and Word 97 text reversal macro.
  • Consistent Changes tables provide means of converting between Hebrew and transliteration, and between right-to-left and left-to-right.


GX Macintosh "Smart" Font Features

For Macintosh users, the SIL Hebrew GX fonts, when used with QuickDraw GX-savvy applications, automatically align vowels and cantillation marks (without the requirement of additional keyboarding utilities, although they are still recommended) and include many additional features and alternate forms. Texts are maintained in "spoken" order, are linguistically pure, and a single text can be used for display in Hebrew or in transliteration. For WorldScript users, a script file that provides some of these extra features is also included.

The SIL Ezra GX font provides a greatly extended form of Ezra, giving much better contextualization. Numerous features, such as viewing texts with or without vowels or cantillation marks, and alternate forms of the 25 cantillation marks, are included and are "user-selectable". Using the font in conjunction with the SIL Heb Trans GX font allows a single text to be viewed in Hebrew or transliteration with just a font change.

Sample text in Ezra GX font

With No Cantillation Feature

With No Vowels Feature

With Alternate Cants Feature

The same text in transliteration

The transliteration font encoding matches the Hebrew font encoding.

The SIL Ezra GX font can also be used in any fully-compatible WorldScript application. However, it will not give any better contextualization than the non-GX fonts. Certain users may find this more acceptable than using the non-GX fonts. SIL GX fonts do not work with any Nisus© product. We also regret that due to technical restrictions, the GX transliteration font does not function in WorldScript.