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SIL Hebrew Font System Documentation

These files give the complete documentation provided with the SIL Hebrew Font System.


SIL Hebrew Font System
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Installation Guide

This release includes new installation instuctions for Windows 2000 and XP only. To preview these instuctions see Documentation Files below. Orginal installation instructions for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh are available here. Installation instructions for Windows 95 and later are available here.

Technical Reference

The TechDoc.pdfs included in the release and shown below provide:

  • General information and font samples
  • Distribution and licensing details
  • Encoding reference

Keyboard Charts

The keystrokes shown in these charts require use of the Keyman (Windows) or the SILKey 1.2 keyboarding utilities. Keyman and SILKey are not included in the SIL Hebrew Font System package and must be downloaded separately.

This documentation requires Adobe Acrobat.

Documentation Files

The SIL Hebrew Font System package includes the following documentation files:



Macintosh GX

All Platforms

Release History

Windows Version 1.1 released 3 October 2002
Macintosh GX Version 1.0 released 9 October 1998.
Windows Version 1.0 released 19 December 1997.
Windows Version 0.5 released 6 June 1997.
Macintosh Version 1.0 released 6 June 1997.