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SIL Hebrew Font System Additional Files

Additional files are available which update certain parts of the SIL Hebrew Font System or assist in typing or processing Biblical Hebrew text.


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Additional Files

Ezra Keyboards for use with Keyman 5 and 6 (Aug-2002)

The six keyboards for typing Hebrew or Hebrew transliteration with the SIL Ezra Font System have been compiled for use with Keyman 5 and 6. The original keyboards were written for Keyman 3.2 and do not function with Keyman 5 or 6. No corrections or additions have been made to these keyboards. They do not use Unicode.

Download Ezra Keyman5 Keyboards for Windows now (88 KB) Download Ezra Keyman6 Keyboards for Windows now (88 KB).

Additional files for Users of SILKey 1.2 (Mar-2000)

This download contains keyboards compiled for SILKey 1.2, Consistant Changes tables for converting the Oxford Text Archive biblical text and instructions.

Download additional files for Macintosh now. (207 KB)