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Galatia SIL Greek Unicode Fonts

Galatia SIL Greek Unicode Fonts
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Galatia SIL Greek Unicode Fonts

For displaying and printing Biblical Greek texts in the Unicode encoding.

Galatia SIL is the second release of a Biblical Greek font package from SIL International. The typeface is almost identical to the original SIL Galatia font, but is now encoded according to Unicode 3.1.

The Galatia SIL fonts contain most of the symbols defined in Unicode 3.1 for Latin-1, Greek (excluding Coptic), Macintosh Character Set (US Roman), and 850WE/Latin-1 and are supplied in Regular and Bold weights.

In addition to the fonts themselves, this package includes a Keyman® keyboard file which simplifies the typing of Biblical Greek text in Windows using a US keyboard. Watch this spot for an anticipated future release of a non US-dependent keyboard. Users may produce their own keyboard file, if desired. No Macintosh keyboards are provided.

The associated files with this package constitute the Galatia SIL Greek Unicode Fonts.

SIL International (SIL) is an organization of linguists dedicated to the study and promotion of the thousands of languages around the world. SIL’s International Publishing Services serves SIL by developing products to assist in the publication of linguistic texts.

As a service to the general academic community, we are happy to make this package available at no charge. You may (and are encouraged to) share this package with your friends and co-workers, but with the following restrictions:

  • All files must be copied together, including this one.
  • No fee may be charged for the fonts.
  • They may not be used as a basis for other fonts.

Even though these fonts are “free,” SIL retains all copyright and ownership of the included fonts and reserves the right to restrict their use and distribution at any time. They may be placed on websites, etc. but cannot be included in (or bundled with) any commercial product including hard disks or CD-ROMs without specific written permission.