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The SIL Greek Font System is designed to be an integrated system for entering, displaying and printing Biblical Greek texts. Also included are fonts for transliteration and conversion routines for going from one encoding to another.

Three families of fonts are included in this package:

  • SIL Galatia - containing the basic set of characters needed for Biblical Greek texts (Regular & Bold faces)
    SIL Galatia Extras - containing additional rarely used characters (Regular & Bold faces)
    SIL Greek Trans - containing characters used to transliterate Greek into Roman text (Regular, Bold, Italic & Bold Italic faces)

In addition to the fonts themselves, this package includes keyboard control files for use with either the Tavultesoft Keyboard Manager (KeyMan) for Windows or SILKey for the Mac OS. Using Keyman or SILKey greatly simplifies the typing of Greek text and is highly recommended. (Please see the note under “Related Software” below regarding updated keyboard control files for use with Keyman 5 and 6.)

Conversion routines, for use with the Consistent Changes program are also included to convert texts between character encodings. KeyMan, SILKey and the Consistent Changes programs are available from the links listed below.

For Mac OS users, the SIL Galatia font family, when used with QuickDraw GX-savvy applications, automatically combines diacritics (without the need for additional keyboarding utilities) and includes many alternate forms and additional features. A WorldScript script file that provides some of these features is also included. Here are a few of the alternate forms available through QuickDraw GX:

The SIL Greek Font System is free of charge.

Package Download

The Windows package requires Windows 3.1 or later. The Macintosh package requires System 7 or later.

Related Software

A number of additional utilities enhance the usefulness of the SIL Greek Font System. Note that none of these are included in the general package and must be downloaded separately.

  • KeyMan Windows keyboard utility

MacOS users who experience problems with the SIL Galatia font displaying as Geneva or as blanks should also download the SIL Font Cache Extender.