The SIL Apparatus Fonts were designed to provide most of the symbols needed to reproduce the textual apparatus found in major editions of Greek & Hebrew biblical texts. The fonts include:

Like the SIL Greek Trans and SIL Hebrew Trans fonts, these fonts are based on SIL Charis, a font designed for optimum clarity and compactness when printed at small point sizes. This assures that all the fonts can be used together in documents with a consistency of style.

Most lines of text in the apparatus can be reproduced by combining the Greek and Hebrew fonts, the transliteration fonts, and the four faces (Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic) of the SIL Apparatus fonts. Here is a note from The Greek New Testament (United Bible Societies, Fourth Revised Edition, Second Printing, 1994) regarding I Peter 3:15, reproduced using the SIL Galatia and SIL Apparatus font families:

The SIL Apparatus Fonts are free of charge.

Package Download

The Windows package requires either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. The Macintosh package requires System 7 or later.

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