Nastaliq Navees v2.0.1

now with hints for improved screen display!

New version of Nastaliq font for QuickDraw GX

Version 2.0.1 of the Nastaliq Navees font package is now available as shareware. This package, in conjunction with Apple's QuickDraw GX graphics system and GX-based application software, allows Arabic, Urdu, and similar languages to be written using the elegant Nastaliq style of calligraphy.

The public release of Nastaliq Navees in May 1997 represented a significant breakthrough in that it made the highly complex Nastaliq calligraphy available at moderate cost in any application which uses QuickDraw GX typography, including several available desktop publishing and graphics packages.

Version 1.1 (August 1997) added improved compatibility with the Arabic Language Kit character set, and new options for alternate numeral designs.

Version 2.0 (28 October 1997) includes instructions (hints) which greatly improve the display at low resolutions and small point sizes. (This picture shows a comparison of version 1.1(right) and 2.0 (left) fonts on-screen.)

Release 2.0.1 (30 October 1997) of the fonts fixes a bug in 2.0 which affects users who install both the Arabic- and Roman-encoded fonts together.

For further information about Nastaliq Navees, including system requirements and the character sets supported, see the documentation.


Nastaliq Navees is shareware -- U.S. $75. (For site license options and other discounts, see the registration form within the package.) Users who have already paid the registration fee for an earlier version may upgrade to the new 2.0.1 release at no further charge.

(1) To download the Nastaliq Navees package now (including the fonts and documentation), click on one of these links:

An updater to update the version 2.0 fonts to release 2.0.1 is also available:

(2) To obtain it using a command-line FTP client:

    FTP to and log in as anonymous.
    Do these commands:
        cd  [.fonts.mac]

        get NastaliqNavees_201_sea.hqx

(3) A CD-ROM which includes this font will be available in mid-2000.

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