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Dictionary Development Process

Download semantic domain files and Toolbox settings

To use these files, The Field Linguist’s Toolbox needs to be installed on your computer. The Toolbox program is an upgrade of the older Shoebox program. If it is not installed, download and install the Toolbox program first.

Semantic domains

If you already have a dictionary database, you will need to put the DDP databases with it. For instance you may want to put these files in a folder called \dictionary.

Some materials have been translated into a number of languages, including Spanish, French, Swahili, and Malay. Translations for Chinese, Nepali, Thai, Tamil, Amharic, and Portuguese are being prepared.

Download the list of semantic domains in Toolbox database format:


The Chinese translation is from version 2 and is complete.



The French translation is from version 1 and is incomplete. An updated translation is being prepared.


The Indonesian translation is from version 4 and is complete. For the latest files, go to and choose Files.


The Malay translation is from version 2 and is incomplete. The semantic domain files are only available as Microsoft Word documents at this time.


The Spanish translation is from version 3 and is complete. However it still needs a little editing.


The Swahili translation is from version 1 and is incomplete.

Toolbox settings files

Toolbox needs these files to correctly open and display the DDP database files. These files need to be placed together in the same folder.

Download files:

When you open Toolbox, click on Project-Open, then select the folder that you put the settings files in, and then choose the project SemDom4.prj.

If you need more help, the Toolbox Help file (Toolbox.hlp) contains a page "User settings folder" that explains how to set up your settings folder.