A concordance generator for the Macintosh

Conc produces concordances of texts. A concordance consists of a list of the words in the text with a short section of the context that precedes and follows each word. Conc also produces an index, consisting of a list of the distinct words in the text, each with the number of times it occurs and a list of the places where it occurs. Conc displays the original text, the concordance, and the index each in its own window. Clicking on a word in any one of the three windows causes the other two windows to display the entries for the same word.

Conc permits the user to define the sorting order and to limit the concordance to words that match specified patterns (GREP expressions).

Conc will do concordances both on ordinary flat text files and also on multiple-line interlinear texts. In the case of interlinear texts, the concordance can be limited to selected lines (fields). In addition to word concording, Conc can also produce a concordance of each letter in a text or body of phonological data. Pattern-matching facilities are also available to letter concordances, so the user can specify search patterns that will have the effect of retrieving, say, words containing intervocalic obstruents.

Concordances can be both printed and exported to plain text files. As for performance, on a Mac IIci Conc can produce a concordance of Moby Dick (1,177KB) in about 13 minutes and requires about 2,500KB of memory.

Conc version 1.76 is a beta test version offered as 'freeware'. If you use it, we only ask that you send us your comments, complaints, and wishlist. You can affect the shape of the final product! Documentation is included on-disk in a Microsoft Word file.

The current version of Conc is 1.76. However, version 1.80 is now available for beta testing.

Download Conc 1.76: conc176.sea_hqx.

Download Conc 1.80 beta 3: Conc 1.80b3

Conc Tutorial, by Ed Beach

Conc QuickQuide (via LETRS at Indiana U.)

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