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SIL FieldWorks SE
Technical Support

Current version: 6.0, released October 2009

Service Bulletins

Version 3.0

Version 2.0

Version 1.4

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Service Bulletin PA301-20080528

Phonology Assistant 3.0.1 has problems reading data from a FieldWorks database

Phonology Assistant update for FieldWorks users

Problem: With Phonology Assistant projects containing FieldWorks data sources (i.e., databases) you may experience one or more of the following problems:

  1. When Phonology Assistant reads phonetic data from the pronunciation field, it finds fewer records in the database than it should.
  2. When lexical entries contain more than one sense, Phonology Assistant will create more records than it should.
  3. Phonology Assistant cannot find all the audio files associated with lexical entries.
  4. When trying to open a Phonology Assistant project, you receive a message telling you to download the file 'FwSQLQueriesShortNames.xml' and copy it to the folder on your computer where Phonology Assistant is installed.

Solution: Download to your computer and run this Phonology Assistant Update (PaUpdate001.exe, 48 KB). When you click on the link and are asked what to do, it is important to save this update program to your computer before running. It will not work to run directly from the link.

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Technical support information and contacts

SIL FieldWorks is available under the SIL Open Source License. The use of this software is granted at no cost, so free technical support is not available from SIL International. Service Bulletins are posted for known problem fixes and patches.