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SIL FieldWorks SE
Technical Support

Current version: 6.0, released October 2009

Service Bulletins

Version 3.0

Version 2.0

Version 1.4

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Service Bulletin FWDN10-20030929

Find and Replace failure

Data Notebook 1.1 and 1.0

Problem: Find and Replace can cause the program to crash with an error message or simply stop working so that you lose your changes. This happens after making around 2,000 changes.

Explanation: The database log file will overflow after making a large number of changes, typically over 2,000 (although in most cases Version 1.1 will warn the user to save one or more times, thus avoiding the problem). This fix allows the log file to let it grow temporarily to fill the disk, if necessary. Thus, as long as you do not run out of disk space, the Find and Replace operation should complete successfully.

Solution: If you encounter this problem, request the file from Technical support, and follow this procedure:

  1. Copy the file to your hard drive and rename the extension to .bat.
  2. Open a DOS box in the folder where you placed the file.
  3. Type a command line such as the following (use your database name) FixDbParams Lela-Teli 3.
    Result: You should see the message, “Lela-Teli 3 is fixed.”

Database list: If you are not sure of the actual database name, you can list all the FieldWorks databases currently installed on your machine.

  1. Open a DOS box on your c:\Program Files\FieldWorks folder.
  2. At the DOS prompt type db fwnames.

Note: Find and Replace may take hours even when it works. The SIL software development team is in the process of amending this problem for future releases.

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Technical support information and contacts

SIL FieldWorks is available under the SIL Open Source License. The use of this software is granted at no cost, so free technical support is not available from SIL International. Service Bulletins are posted for known problem fixes and patches.