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Speech Tools
Technical Support

Current version: 2.2 (obsolete), released 2006

Speech Analyzer ·  Phonology Assistant  ·  IPA Help

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Version 2.1

Version 2.0

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Service Bulletin SPT20-20030805

ASAP IPA keyboard not compatible with Keyman 6.0

Speech Tools 2.0

Problem: The accessory Keyman program was upgraded to 6.0 but the ASAP IPA keyboard provided on the SIL Language Software 1.0 Disk 1 is for Keyman 3.2.

Solution: Install the updated Keyman 6.0 keyboard definition file IPA93-96.kmx.

Prerequisites: You need to install Keyman 6.0 and a file unzipping utility, such as PowerZip.

File source: The ASAP IPA Keyboard.exe self-extracting zip file contains the compiled Keyman 6.0 keyboard file, IPA93-96.kmx, plus the Keyman Source File, IPA93-96.kmn and Keyboard Icon file, IP936On.bmp, which are necessary only if you want to modify and recompile the keyboard.


  1. Click this link to open ASAP IPA Keyboard.exe.
  2. In the File Download dialog, click Open and OK.
  3. In the Self-extracting Archive dialog, make sure your \Speech tools\Extra\Keyman folder is specified as the Unzip To Folder.
  4. If the Self-extractor dialog asks you, click Yes to overwrite IPA93-96.kmn.
    (Result: This will overwrite the Version 3.2 keyboard.)
  5. In \Speech tools\Extra\Keyman, click IPA93-96.kmx to install the keyboard. (If this does not work, consult your Keyman documentation.)

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Technical support information and contacts

Because the use of this software is granted at no cost , the user is not entitled to free technical support from SIL International. Go to individual software product pages for online information or Service Bulletins.

If you purchased a license for this product in the past, read the documentation accompanying the software for availability of technical support.