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Speech Tools
Technical Support

Current version: 2.2 (obsolete), released 2006

Speech Analyzer ·  Phonology Assistant  ·  IPA Help

Service Bulletins

Version 2.1

Version 2.0

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Service Bulletin SPM20-20031021

Speech Manager 2.01 update patch

Speech Manager 2.0

This patch updates Speech Manager 2.0 to 2.01. It fixes a problem found in Speech Manager 2.0 in which phonetic text is corrupted during keyboarded document entry. Speech Manager 2.01 allows new data to be entered correctly and performs an automatic database integrity check when a database is opened to find and repair any existing corrupt data created by Speech Manager 2.0.


  1. Click this link to open SM201Patch.exe.
  2. Click Open and follow instructions.

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Technical support information and contacts

Because the use of this software is granted at no cost , the user is not entitled to free technical support from SIL International. Go to individual software product pages for online information or Service Bulletins.

If you purchased a license for this product in the past, read the documentation accompanying the software for availability of technical support.