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Shoebox (The Linguist’s Shoebox)
Technical Support

Current version: 5, released September 2000

Service Bulletins

Version 5

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Service Bulletin LSB50-20040414

Macintosh only

Program freezes: Macintosh only

Problem: After normal installation, double-clicking the Shoebox icon causes the machine to freeze up. Doing a Force Quit, stops the freeze. The Apple menu "Recent Applications" shows that Shoebox is a recently used application.

Explanation: Extension conflicts.

Prerequisite: Shoebox must be run in Classic mode.


If your system has a problem running in Classic mode, refer to Apple Care document: Mac OS X: Classic Startup Stalls When Almost Complete

If other Classic applications run OK, check for extension conflicts:

  1. For OS X:
    1. In System Preferences, go to the Classic menu, then the Advanced Tab.
    2. Select "Turn off extensions" in Startup Options and click Restart Classic.
    3. When Classic has started, start Shoebox again.
      Result: If Shoebox now runs, you know that what was blocking it before was an extension being loaded by Classic.
    4. In the Classic pane of "System preferences", select Show Extensions Manager and restart Classic again.
    5. In the Extensions manager control panel, deselect extensions until you find the one(s) that make the system hang up when trying to run Shoebox.
  2. For OS 9:
    1. Go to the Apple menu, then Control Panels, then Extensions.
    2. Deselect extensions or change to the set "OS 9.? base" in the "Selected Set" and see if this resolves the problem for Shoebox.

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Technical support information and contacts

Because the use of this software is granted at no cost , the user is not entitled to free technical support from SIL International. Go to individual software product pages for online information or Service Bulletins.

If you purchased a license for this product in the past, read the documentation accompanying the software for availability of technical support.