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SIL has developed more than 60 pieces of software to support the work of its fieldworkers; most available to the public for free download. This on-line catalog contains product descriptions, download or purchasing instructions, and technical support information, including the latest SIL software Service Bulletins.

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SIL Language Freeware
Technical Support

Current version released: 2008

Service Bulletins

Version 2006

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Service Bulletin SLS10-20060404

While installing Microsoft SQL Server Desktop

FieldWorks installation stalls

Problem: When installing FieldWorks 3.0 or 2.0 for the first time on a particular computer, the installation may stall, that is, it simply will not finish installing. Pressing the Cancel button has no effect.

Explanation: FieldWorks requires that Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition be installed (also known as MSDE 2000). If and when the SIL Master Installer runs the MSDE 2000 installer, the installation may stall if the computer is running an application that does not respond properly to Windows messages.

Work-around: When the installer stalls, open up Task Manager and end the setupre.exe process. This will allow the installation to complete satisfactorily.


  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Click the Task Manager button.
  3. Click the Process tab.
  4. In the Image Name column, click setupre.exe.
    Result: The setupre.exe line should be highlighted.
  5. Click End Process.
    Result: The installation should complete normally.
  6. Close Windows Task Manager.

Fix: New releases of SIL installers (including the current Web download version of FieldWorks) resolve this problem by alerting the user to close down nonresponsive applications before launching the MSDE installer.

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