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Dictionary Development Process

Current version: 4.0, released March, 2006
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The Dictionary Development Process (DDP) is a new method for producing a dictionary. It uses a set of tools and techniques designed to facilitate the development of dictionaries for minority languages. At the heart of the process is a list of semantic domains that can be used to collect words, classify a dictionary, and facilitate semantic research. Some materials have been translated into a number of languages, including Spanish, French, Swahili, and Malay. Translations for Chinese, Nepali, Thai, Tamil, Amharic, and Portuguese are being prepared.

Version 4 was released on March 30, 2006 and can be downloaded. DDP has also been integrated into SIL FieldWorks. Earlier versions of DDP were based on The Linguist's Shoebox, The Field Linguist’s Toolbox, Multi-Dictionary Formatter, and Consistent Changes programs. The materials and tools for using DDP within the Shoebox/Toolbox platform are still available, but are no longer being supported or developed. Instead DDP will be developed within the FieldWorks environment. However the DDP word collection method is done in a workshop setting and is not dependent on any particular software package. The words can be typed into any dictionary software. However, the FieldWorks program has been specially designed for entering DDP workshop data, and then rapidly and efficiently developing it into a dictionary. We highly recommend that you use FieldWorks.

The ultimate goal of DDP is to provide all the materials, tools, and help necessary to produce a dictionary. Currently DDP can be used to collect a large percentage of the vocabulary of a language. Work has begun on materials to assist in defining words.

Currently DDP is being developed by Ron Moe, a linguistics consultant with SIL International. Feedback is always welcomed.

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