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Toolbox Extras

Useful Extras for Toolbox

This page contains downloadable extras for Toolbox. These include language encodings and packages for specialized applications. Some of these have been supplied by Toolbox users or consultants. For this reason, the Toolbox support group cannot guarantee they work correctly, and cannot promise to support them. But if you have problems with them, please let us know. We may be able to help you, and your reports may help the authors to improve the packages.

Language Encodings

A language encoding file tells Toolbox the details of a specific encoding of a writing system. It contains information about sort sequence, case, punctuation, font, and keyboarding system. It will save you time if you can find a language encoding already made for your writing system. If the one you need is not included here, you may be able to adjust one of these to do what you need.

To use a language encoding, extract it from the zip file, and put it in the Toolbox settings folder of your project. The settings folder is the one that contains your Toolbox project file. Close Toolbox while you do this. The next time you open Toolbox, the new language encoding will be available for use. You can see it in the list of Language Encodings under Project. Note that the name of a language encoding inside Toolbox may be different from the file name.

Specialized Packages

These are specialized packages that are useful for specific applications of Toolbox. Typically they contain a complete set of project files, including settings files and empty data files. Each package includes an instructions file with information about how to install and use the package. Some packages include self-training materials.