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Additional Documentation for Toolbox

This page contains additional documentation for Toolbox. This includes documents, downloadable packages, and links to other sites that have useful documentation. Note that the primary documentation for Toolbox is the Self-Training package on the downloads page. Also see the Toolbox techniques page for useful packages.

MDF (Multi-Dictionary Formatter) Documentation

MDF is a dictionary formatting package that is a part of Toolbox.

CC (Consistent Changes) Tutorial

Consistent Changes (CC) is a powerful programming language for manipulating text. It can be used in a variety of ways in Toolbox. This tutorial is a work in progress. Lessons will be added at the rate of one every week or two.

Windows allows the user to navigate into zipped folders as if they were not zipped, but Toolbox and CC won't run inside a zipped project. This write up explains how to be sure you're in the unzipped version, not the zipped folder. This is recommended for anyone who is insecure or who finds that Toolbox won't run the CC tutorial projects. Being Sure the Folder is Unzipped

Additional Documentation

These are optional additional documentation packages.