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नेपालका भाषाहरु

The Nepal Section of the Ethnologue is now available as a bilingual English-Nepali volume.

Click here for more information

A large scale map showing the language areas is also available.

The Ethnologue is always a 'work in progress'.

Please contact if you have any questions about the accuracy of the data.

SIL International (Nepal) Annual Report 2069-2070

The SIL International (Nepal) Annual report for 2069-2070. Click here to download

International Mother Tongue Day 2013

To Celebrate International Mother Tongue Day SIL together with the Nepal Academy hosted a lecture on Multi-Lingual Education for all in Asia. The Speaker was Dr K. Kosonen. His presentation is available to Download(PDF).

Dr. Kosonen gave a second related presentation at the SIL International (Nepal) office. Download(PDF).

The Crab's Dream

ᤂᤧᤒᤰᤐᤠᤸᤗᤧ ᤁᤢᤛᤧᤵᤔᤠᤱ

The Crab's Dream by Purna Kumari Lingden is a story in the Limbu language. Available from Wisdom Books, Pulchowk, Kathmandu, Nepal. or Click here to download