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Studies in Philippine Languages and Cultures Volume 19

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Cover SPLC 15

Studies in Philippine Languages and Cultures Volume 19

10-ICAL Borneo, Sulawesi & Philippines Papers

Phil Quick & Joanna Smith eds.
2008.  201pp.


  • Long Terawan Berawan Phonology: Questions on Diphthongs and Syllabicity
    Jürgen M. Burkhardt  1
  • Result Complex Predicates in Kimaragang Dusun
    Paul Kroeger  30
  • Transitivity, Valence and Voice in Mandar
    Jason Kwok Loong Lee  55
  • Is there a VP in Pendau?
    Phil Quick  67
  • Rhythm in Bidayuh
    Calvin R. Rensch  84
  • Between Actor and Undergoer: The -om- predicates in Kankanaey
    Janet L. Allen  92
  • A Study of Participant Reference in Central Bontok
    Byung-Hoon Lee  102
  • Deictic Pronouns in Philippine Languages
    Curtis D. McFarland  123
  • The Puzzling Case of Chabacano: Creolization, Substrate, Mixing and Secondary Contact
    Patrick O. Steinkrüger  142
  • The Sambalic Languages of Central Luzon
    Roger Stone  158
  • Ergative Control of Syntactic Processes in Southern Sinama
    Douglas Trick  184

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