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Studies in Philippine Languages and Cultures Volume 17

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Cover SPLC 17

Studies in Philippine Languages and Cultures Volume 17

10-ICAL Pronoun Papers

Sue McQuay managing ed.
2008.  234pp.

  • Pronouns, Clitics, Orders and Grammaticalization in Tukang Besi
    Mark Donohue 1
  • South Sulawesi Pronominal Clitics: Form, Function and Position
    Daniel Kaufman 13
  • Historical Changes in Pronoun Positions in Extra-Formosan Languages
    Kikusawa Ritsuko 66
  • Transitivity and Pronominal Clitic Order in Kapampangan
    Hiroaki Kitano 88
  • Split S in the Indonesian Area: Forms, Semantics, Geography
    Marian Klamer 98
  • Clitic Pronouns in Masbatenyo
    Celeste Chia-Yen Lee 121
  • When to Use a Genitive Pronoun in Mori Bawah (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
    David Mead 137
  • Binukid Pronominal Clisis
    Adam Peng and Loren Billings 179
  • Pronoun Ordering and Marking in Kalamianic
    J. Stephen Quakenbush and Edward Ruch 213

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