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Studies in Philippine Languages and Cultures Volume 15

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Cover SPLC 15

Studies in Philippine Languages and Cultures Vol. 15.

Historical Comparative Papers

Historical Comparative Papers from 10th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics, 17-20 January, 2006.
2007. 210 pp. ISSN 0119-6456
David Mead, editor


  • Some evidence favoring the Central Hypothesis.
    Dyen, Isidore.  1
  • Do the Malayo-Polynesian languages constitute a subgroup of the Austronesian language family?
    Wolff, John.  13
  • Petrified Prefixes in the Austronesian Languages
    Wolff, John U.  25
  • The Kalamian Microgroup of Philippine languages
    Himes, Ronald.  54
  • The linguistic lineage of Sama-Bajaw
    Blust, Robert.  73
  • The Seko languages in Sulawesi: Reconstruction and classification
    Laskowske, Tom.  115

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