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SIPL Supplementary Series Four

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Studies in Philippine Linguistics Supplementary Series: Philippine Texts, No. 4 1987
Guinaang Kalinga Texts

Gieser, C. Richard, comp.

Fe T. Otanes, Austin Hale, series eds.

ISSN 0116-0516 ISBN 971-1059-08-8

    Acknowledgments iv
    Biographical information v
    Maps vi
    Introduction vii-ix
    Abbreviations x
    Symbols xi
    Texts with ethnographic and linguistic notes
  1. Sit immoyammi nanganupan od ginabat / When we went hunting in the forest. Albert Lambayong. 1-8
  2. Sit bigi on nanganupan Kabunyan si ugsa / The mountain where Kabunyan hunted deer. Juan Baluga. 9-12
  3. Sin idaw ibagana nan mambalu ya sin lawwing / The idaw bird, it tells the good and the bad. Juan Baluga. 13-15
  4. Sin mangidawammi / How we get omens from the idaw bird. Juan Baluga. 16-18
  5. Lipon / The lipon ceremony. Juan Baluga. 19-21
  6. Sin mandadalno' mi / The way we prepare rice terraces for seedlings. Juan Baluga. 22-24
  7. Sit litap on maug'uggud / The flood story that is often retold. Juan Baluga. 25-27
  8. Sit awi on man'iinnayawan dat tagu / The old days when the people made forays against each other. Juan Baluga. 28-32
  9. Sit man'al'an dat ummuna si isdada / How the ancestors got their meat. Juan Baluga. 33-36
  10. Si Addang on natulod / Addang, who was brave. Juan Baluga. 37-40
  11. Sin nantatagun Atumpa / The way Atumpa lived. Juan Baluga. 41-46
  12. Nasgoban Guinaang sit gubat / When Guinaang was burned during the war. Juan Baluga. 47-51
  13. Si Dulliyaw on pangat od Nanon Kalingga / Dulliyaw, a leader in Naneng, Kalinga. Juan Baluga. 52-56
  14. Dat luwang an baka / The carabao and cow. Simon Dalunag. 57-59
  15. Mipanggop Yomyom'og / About Yomyom-og. Simon Dalunag. 60-63
  16. Alingag / Echo. Simon Dalunag. 64-66
  17. Dat duwan mambalun manggayyom / The two who were good friends. Simon Dalunag. 67-70
  18. Sin tagu on umoogyat si dan ayam / The person who was afraid of animals. Simon Dalunag. 71-77
  19. Sit babuy on nallung od Bagtayan sit awi / The wild pig that attacked Bagtayan in olden times. Simon Dalunag. 78-81
  20. Sa dat duwan man'asawa / The two who were married. Simon Dalunag. 82-87
  21. Kadawiyan di bagunson / Funeral customs. Irenio M. Wansi. 88-92
  22. Sin mamantiyong / One who makes a tomb. Irenio M. Wansi. 93-95
  23. Ulluba boloy / House of native construction. Irenio M. Wansi. 96-110
  24. Appendix A Ethnographic notes 111-112
    Appendix B Historical notes 113-115
    Appendix C Phonology 116-118
    Appendix D Morphophonemics 119-120
    Appendix E Pronoun sets 121
    Appendix F Determiners 122
    Appendix G Deictic clitics 123
    Appendix H Linguistic terms 124-125
    Appendix I Morphological constructions 126
    Selected bibliography 127-128