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Studies in Philippine Linguistics Volume 6 No. 1 1986
Aspects of discourse II

Fe T. Otanes and Austin Hale, series eds.

ISBN 971-1059-02-9

    • Longacre, Robert E. "Introduction", v.
  1. Topics in narrative discourse
    1. Wendel, Dag. "The use of reported speech and quote formula selection in Kagan Kalagan", 1-79.
    2. Schumacher, Ronald L. "Stative verbs at peak in Agusan Manobo narrative discourse", 80-93.
    3. Behrens, Deitlinde and Austin Hale. "Demonstratives and the plot in Yakan", 94-199.
    4. Gault, Jo Ann. "Focal content in Sama Bangingi narrative discourse", 200-215.