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Studies in Philippine Linguistics Volume 1 No. 2    1977

Casilda Edrial-Luzares and Austin Hale, series eds.

  1. Thiessen, H. Arnold. "The phonemic consequences of two morphophonemic rules in Molbog", 1-26
  2. Wallace, Judy. "A look at a Northern Kankanay text", 27-35*
  3. Healey, Joan. "Writing a non-technical grammar of Mangga Buang", 36-52*
  4. Thomas, David. "What is tagmemics? (continued)", 53-54*
  5. Thomas, David. "Subject/Topic terminology and vectors", 55-62*
  6. Behrens, Dietlinde. "Coconut cultivation among the Yakan", 63-72
  7. Luzares, Casilda E. "Cebuano verb morphology: An application of Case Grammar Part I", 73-109
  8. Barlaan, Rodolfo R. "Fact and fiction in Isneg narrative discourse", 110-142
  9. Allison, Joe. "Discourse analysis of a Southern Samal text: 'Abunawas and the beautiful widow'", 143-169*
  10. Porter, Doris and Austin Hale. "Focus ranking in Tboli discourse", 170-208
  11. Hohulin, Dick and Austin Hale. "Physical, temporal, and cognitive location in Keley-i demonstratives", 209-230
  12. Hohulin, Lou and Austin Hale. "Notes on Keley-i Relational Grammar: I", 231-263*
  13. Maryott, Kenneth R. "The phonemes of Sarangani Sangiré", 264-279
  14. Allen, Lawrence P. "Reduplication and cyclical rule ordering in Kankanaey
  15. morphophonemics", 280-295

* Papers presented at the Seminar for Asia Area Linguists, 3-17 August, 1977, SIL Center, Manila, Philippines