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Studies in Philippine Linguistics Volume 5 No. 1    1984
Aspects of discourse I

Fe T. Otanes and Austin Hale, series eds.

    • Longacre, Robert E. "Introduction", 1-2.
  1. General
    1. Pekkanen, Inka. "Verb tense/aspect in Tatana discourse", 3-18.
    2. Lightbody, Arthur. "Eliminating the hocus-pocus of focus in Sangiré", 19-46.
    3. Brichoux, Felicia. "Intersecting functions of topic markers in Sindangan Subanun", 47-65.
  2. Exhortation and Mitigation
    1. Doty, Steve. "Mitigation in a Tiruray sermon", 66-79.
    2. Brichoux, Robert. "Hortatory strategy in Subanen II", 80-117.
    3. Hurlbut, Hope M.. "Do as I say: A study of selected features of hortatory discourse in Eastern Kadazan", 118-160.
    4. Errington, Ross. "Hortatory mitigation: The case of the camouflaged backbone", 161-195.