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Studies in Philippine Linguistics Volume 8 No. 1 1990

Fe T. Otanes and Hazel Wrigglesworth, series eds.

ISSN 0116-0516     ISBN 971-1059-15-0

  1. Wiens, Hartmut. "A stratificational perspective on the discourse structure of Limos Kalinga", 1-51.
  2. del Corro, Anicia H. "An analysis of polysemy in Kapampangan and Japanese, using the Systems Correspondence Theory", 52-76.
  3. Brainard, Sherri and Lauretta DuBois. "Some functions of direct quotes in Tagabawa narrative discourse", 77-90.
  4. Brainard, Sherri and Poul Jensen. "The functions of hay in Aklanon narrative discourse", 91-97.
  5. Hurlbut, Hope M.. "Sentence types in Eastern Kadazan", 98-149.